Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel Gordon

and when I feel like I can feel once again, let me stay awhile. soak it in awhile. if we can hold on, we can fix what is wrong. buy a little time for this head of mine. heaven for us.

I'm all used up, I'm out of luck, I am star struck by something in your eyes
that is keeping my hope alive.

ᴏɴ ɪɴᴅᴇғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ʜɪᴀᴛᴜs

Some things have changed and I need to rethink Harleen, Harley, Arlecchino, who they are, who they’re meant to be. Over the last three years they’ve been shaped by their relationships with others, for better or worse.

With certain changes, I just need to understand what those changes mean for them. And for myself, when it comes right down to it.

The last hiatus was nine months. I’m not sure how long this one will be. Sorry, I won’t make any promises as to a time frame. But, in the meantime, please follow and RP with these lovely people. They’re fab in character and out of character:

     ·     Commissioner Jim Gordon (post-The Dark Knight Rises, a dear friend and partner)
     ·     Bruce Wayne (primarily post-The Dark Knight, pre-The Dark Knight Rises, same mun as the Mustache of Justice above)
     ·     Connor Wayne (excellent original character set in the DC Universe, a former GPD detective turned private investigator. Also friend, compadre, and namer of the aforementioned Mustache of Justice)
     ·     Harley Quinn (primarily Nolanverse take on Harley, generally brilliant, would make a dress out of a Twister mat, 10/10 would shop again)
     ·     Victor Zsasz (an alternate universe take on the character, adding layers of nuance and development. Likes to be bothered by people. Please go and poke gently.)
     ·     John T. Clark (original character, Nolanverse/DC Universe and Gotham Central member of the GPD SWAT, stand up guy, recovering from an injury, you should considering flooding his ask box with random memes and such for when he’s able to write properly again)
     ·     Dr. Juliet Anna Wunsch (another original character set in the DC Universe, working at Arkham. Excellent writing and characterization, I wish I had written with you prior to going on hiatus, but I certainly read your work. Good stuff.)
     ·     Skellig Penderghast (an original character — yes, I am fond of OCs, I think you’re all vastly underrated — and this OC is brilliant and her mun is brilliant as well.)
     ·     The Joker (an Anthony Misiano Joker. Need I say more? I do. I have to apologize profusely, because this is one damn good Joker and I hate that I am going on hiatus when on the verge of a cracking story, but you should all go and follow this RPer if you enjoy things Joker and especially with the excellent use of Mr. Misiano’s face).
     ·     Lilly Constantine (fantastic original character, flitting on the side of the supernatural and menacing but also vaguely goofy. Will never not recommend. Is lovely OOC as well)
     ·     John Blake (sweet, charming, smart, goofy, basically John Blake in real life sans the suit and the groovy cave. Awesome person and excellent writer. Needs to be bothered and to write more when he has the chance.)
     ·     Kahtima Souza (another great original character, another amazing mun. Both are charming and sassy and don’t bite unless you are into that sort of thing wink wink nudge nudge say no more.)

Take care of one another. Stay well. I hope to see you soon.


Virginia Broersma (USA) - Swish from Exercise Project, 2011-2012     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated… but we are initiated, aren’t we Bruce? Members of the League of Shadows!
Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated… but we are initiated, aren’t we Bruce? Members of the League of Shadows!

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The Dark Knight Trilogy

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